HireChecker is Sterling Debt Recovery’s software system which can be used by recruitment agencies to track down back door hire placements.

HireChecker imports your data of candidates and companies you have submitted them to, then searches numerous sources and data-points to ascertain whether the candidate has been engaged, i.e. a back door has occurred. The system checks the usual sources, but also data points that a recruiter would rarely think to examine, finding cases that manual searches would never unearth.

HireChecker will import from CSV or Excel and accepts data from all major CRM/ATS system such as Bullhorn, Adapt, Bond. We’ve made the system easy and cost effective to use so that you can search for your back door hires regularly to achieve best results.

Data needed to search for your back door hires:

An Excel or CSV file of your data with the following data:

  • Candidate name (this can be FULLNAME or FIRSTNAME SURNAME)
  • Client name (i.e. the client the candidate interviewed with)

The above data is mandatory, our system should find most back doors using those fields. The following data is useful if you have it readily available:

  • Date of first interview
  • Client website
  • Client contact email address
  • Candidate email address

We will process your data in our system, then we will manually check positive results to ensure they are valid (the system can produce the odd false positive if you have submitted John Smith’s CV to Tesco for example.) We will then email you a full report showing the results and evidence we have found. Once we have processed your data and sent to you we delete all copies of it from our system.

We retain the details of any back door hires found until our invoices are settled as proof of service provided.


Confidentiality, legalities and GDPR:

Sterling sign a Non-disclosure agreement with each client committing to keep your data secure, not share it with any third party, and to delete all copies of it once it has been processed.

The HireChecker system itself, and all Sterling infrastructure and staff, are based within the EU, no data is transferred outside the EU.
The HireChecker system and Sterling’s debt recovery service are GDPR compliant. Details of our policies are available on request.

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